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The Maniacal Musings Of A Munificent Mammal

Christopher Nolan Film Ranking

This is my personal ranking and brief thoughts on the films directed by Christopher Nolan, one of my favorite currently active directors. #1 - Inception (2010) It's a very tight race for top spot between Inception and Dunkirk, but I'm…

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2019 Movie List

This is an ongoing post listing out the movies from 2019 that I've seen so far, ranked from my preference of them, best down to worst.
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2018 Movie Awards

This is my list of personal favorites by category. It’s basically my own personal Oscars. I don’t limit each category to an exact number. I also include some special and specific awards at the end that stand out from one…

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2018 Movie List

This is a list of the 2018 movies I've seen, in the order in which I liked them. I have trouble getting actual reviews posted these days. So instead I have a couple of brief sentences included here on the…

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