I’m just your average dude who likes movies, TV, film/TV music scores, gadgets, computers and most things related to technology. Click the title of this box for my full about me page.
Click the title of this box to go to go to a listing of all the various places you can find me online. It includes all the social stuff like Google+, Facebook, Twitter – and so very much more.
Yeah, I’m a movie nerd. I typically see 100+ movies theatrically each year. I’m so-so about getting reviews posted. You can click the box title above to go to a listing of those reviews.

This is where the traditional, non-movie-review kind of posts go. It’s a catch-all for stuff that doesn’t fall into a more specific category. This section needs clean-up and more posts…
This is a section I plan to expand upon quite heavily. There’s only a little bit of stuff that I’ve put together so far. It’ll contain pages of recommend sites for various types of resources and topics.
For many years, I’ve had a hobby of doing little music video editing projects. I’ve been working to get many of those online for viewing. Some are from old VHS tapes, some are brand new.
If you’re looking for my BitCoin number so you can send me money for whatever reason (I have to imagine you have a reason), here it is: 1MbLr9KBwa1eST45LLyyWSPo1w1R7unwxk