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The Munificent Musings Of A Maniacal Mammal

This is a music video editing together footage from Firefly & Serenity to “Sarabande Suite (Aeternae)” by Globus.

Here is the 16×9 aspect ratio version of the video:


Here is the 2.35 aspect ratio version of the video:


Having gone through the massive effort of making my Knights Of Serenity video, I couldn’t bring myself to kill all my raw source materials without at least doing one more video. Like before, this is a music video using clips from the TV series Firefly and its follow-up theatrical feature Serenity. This time, the song used is “Sarabande Suite (Aeternae)” from <a href=”″>Globus’s excellent album Epicon</a>. The amusing thing about doing this as a follow-up video just to re-use the materials one more time before nuking them is that I actually like how this one turned out better. Like before, I mastered the video in full 1080p high def.

Here are some useless facts about this video:

  • I toyed with a few different songs from Globus’s Epicon album. I even started assembling clips to one of them before I decided it didn’t work. I wanted to use something from that album, so I experimented around before deciding to use the track I used.
  • I’m much happier with how the first half of this video turned out than the last half (which still works, but not as well as the first).
  • The music is actually an edit from the full original song. I removed material from the start and end of the song to cut it down to the material I thought would work.
  • One of my all-time favorite edits is in this video, where the camera pans down from the rubber ball through the floor to River listening from below. These scenes both have that “through the floor” panning trick, but they didn’t actually go together originally. Amusingly, as I’ve edited them, it’s River listening to herself playing on the floor above.
  • I tried to mix it up with which clips I used in this video, trying to work in a good number of bits that I didn’t use in the previous video. Also, I had to leave out a number that I did want to use again, if for no other reason than the fact that this video is only about 2/3 as long as the previous one.

Editing software used: Vegas Pro 8

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