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The Munificent Musings Of A Maniacal Mammal

This is my list of personal favorites by category. It’s basically my own personal Oscars. I don’t limit each category to an exact number but generally, I shoot for around 5-10 or so. I also include some special and specific awards at the end that stand out from one or more movies in the year. My full ranked list of 2017 films can be found here. Links on each film go to their Wikipedia page.

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Score

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Best Visual Effects

Best Editing

Best Screenplay

Best Use Of Silence

Most Unpredictable Plot

Most Surprisingly Sympathetic Performance

Best Fight Scene In Many Years

  • The staircase fight from Atomic Blonde (which also includes some highly impressive editing tricks)

Best Sex Scene

  • The “sync scene” from Blade Runner 2049 (and it does so without actually showing the actual sex part)

Best Attention To Detail

  • The opening titles from Baby Driver – it’s not just the physical choreography, watch for synced song lyrics all over the background as he passes them.

Most Realistic Air Combat

  • Dunkirk – I REALLY want Christopher Nolan to make a Battle Of Britain movie. Seriously, that needs to happen.

Most Conceptually Fun

Best Long-awaited Sequel

How Did It Take This Long?

Movie Most Hurt By Its Casting

Movie Most Hurt By Its Incredibly Bad Script

Horror Movie That Turned Out Much Better Than I Expected

Best Poster

Worst Poster

Best Trailer

Worst Trailer



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